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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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> we start tonight with breaking news, a fire breaks out inside a delaware county apartment complex trapping a paralyzed man in his home.
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let's get to shawnette live in chester. >> how did he get out. >> a 54 year old man is a paraplegic, but he still managed to get himself to the second floor of this apartment building right behind me. firefighters told me they found his wheelchair still at the window when they got here. >> just after 7:00 tonight tonight on meadow lane, they say the stove was off. they're not sure of the cause right now, what we do know is the victim was his couch was able to get to the wheelchair, get to the window and save his own life. >> he's paralyzed from the waist down. he was able to maneuver his wheelchair to the window and was able to pull himself up and actually jump from the window. >> and we're told the victim is at chester crozer medical center
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tonight with injuries to his torso from the jump. he is also a marine vet. we also learned that this building is a building who houses veterans who are down on their luck. >> that's incredible. > more breaking news tonight, a hit and run on busy and dangerous roosevelt boulevard. a 16 year old was on o bicycle. the teen was hit by an suv that left the scene on bustleton and the boulevard. they are looking for a vehicle with some front end damage. rain is still falling across much of our region. you can see live radar lit up. that storm system is not moving out. fast rising waters stranded a bunch of people at potomac park. some roads are still shutdown and they're going to stay that way until that water finally drains awaivment we've had some minor flooding in our area
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tonight. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking that storm. we still have some in the overnight hours. especially south and east of philadelphia. take a look at some of the radar estimates so far today. cumberland county, some locations over 5 inches of rainfall, new castle county, upwards of four, five inches. south of baltimore, washington, d.c. six to eight or more inches of rainfall out of that system. so parts of that still looking at flood concerns. sections of cumberland, salem and a section of grues tear county, but a flash flood warning for those sections between millville and the downed area where we've seen close to five inches of rain. as we look at doppler you can seniority and west still pretty quiet. it's been pretty quiet the entire evening. where you see the yellow, the
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orange in cape may, cumberland and atlantic county we are looking at half an inch to an inch per hour. overnight more scattered showers, mild and muggy. for wakeup weather, wednesday morning, lingering showers early, but rainfall totals two to four inches south and east of i95. we'll talk about when we finally compleer clear out and we'll have the rest of your forecast coming up. >> we'll talk to you then. you can continue to follow this storm by going to cops say someone opened fire on the west deptford police station. the bullets fired sometime just after four this morning. police say seven bullets hit their building. shots hit the rear door where officers and exit. one scattered the glass wind oche the deputy's chief office. no police officers were injured. investigators released vur individual while experts are
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trying to enhance to get a better look at the license plate. they're definitely targeting one of our officers and we have great concern and our guys are on high alert and they've been told to be very vigilant. cops are working on the make and model in that surveillance video. they're also adding extra patrols and officers in the area. police need your help to catch a thieve caught on camera stealing a shotgun from a grocery store in frank forth. police say he stole it from the back kitchen on bridge street. he's about 20 years old with a stocky build. thin beard and he was wearing a black shirt and black pants. if you know something that might help police track him down, give them a call. in bucks county a man faces charges for exposing himself at a department store. police say thinks not the first time. this is 31 year old jeffrey whitman third time getting caught performing lewd acts. he now faces charges of
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lewdness, disorderly conduct and harassment. surveillance video shows him following a female customer throughout the store while touching himself. he is now out on jail on $50,000 bale. fans are bringing flowers and candles there mourning the loss of one of our countries greatest entertainers. the coroner releasing a preliminary report saying that he hung himself and was found hours after he took his own life. the world mourning the death of a comedy legend. robin williams has died. robin williams -- the 63 year olds on car winner found deed in his california home. the preliminary and again i say preliminary results of the forensic examination revealed supporting physical science that mr. williams' life ended from
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asphyxia due to hanging. a star from so many hit films say he had been suffering from severe depression. he was checking into a 12-step treatment program. he had been sober for 20 years before previously seeking help in 2006. robin was always very honest about his addictions. he coked about his cocaine use and he talked about his battle with alcoholism. williams known for his could he immediatic chops first gaining fame moshing and mindy. winning ans on car for 1997 goodwill hundreding. despite his recent struggles, williams was still hard at work. robin had completed filming on nighted 3. there was also talk about a misdoubt fire 2 which was in very early stages. robin williams leaves behind a wife and three adult children. in boston's event worth some of
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the scenes were shot. williams won ans on car for best supporting actor. he played alongside ben affleck and matt dame monday. fans have been writing quotes from the film around. also chalking out where williams' feet would have been. that is covered by all these flowers you see there. a petition is already in the works to place a bronze statute of williams seated at that bench he made so very famous at the boston public garden. he filmed one of his story is right in our area, the dead pow poet's society. coming up later how he had just shaved a local theater from extinction. meanwhile another celebrity has died, act trees lauren what california. she her rise to fame came during
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hollywoods early ages where he worked beside her husband hum friday bogart. initial reports say she had a troak at her home today in new york city. she was 89 years old. > local leaders in for son, missouri are calling for calm after two nights of riots and lewding. police fired tier gas at an unruly crowd. it comes after the shooting death by an unarmed teenager. they have launched separate investigations. al sharp eos is demanding answers after ming with the parents of michael brown today. they want justice and fairness in the process of them losing their son. this is not a cause for them. this is their child. protestors denied police claims
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there was an altercation and struggled for the officer's weapon which led to the shooting. thats of other is now on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. president obama releasing a statement about the michael brown case late today, michelle and i send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time. he goes onto say we should comfort each other april talk with each in a way that heals. a big blow to at president laic city, the revel casino says it is shutting down next month after failure to find a suitable buyer. revel opened only two years ago with a lot of fanfare. two other casinos are set to close next month. others shut its doors earlier this year. all the glitch, all the glam, $2.4 billion. the revel had so much promise it was going to be the future of atlantic city. but for all the hyperit never
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made a profit. today the bombshell rings itself closing in less and month. we stay here at least twice a month we come. and that's from long island. it's not as if it's around the corner, but because we love it so much and we love coming down here. i'm shocked. i am really shocked about this. some other people are coming by. i mean, it's beautiful. a bankrupt beauty. they just couldn't find a buyer. the revel is the fourth casino to go down in just a matter of months. the showboat will close in 19 days, the trump plaza a few weeks later, the atlantic club is already shuttered. roger gross is the publisher of global gaming business magazine. he says the atlantic city wasn't ready for the competition from pennsylvania and new york.
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12 was just too many casinos. i'm afraid that one more will have to go to right size the market. between all the casinos closings 8,000 workers are going to lose their jobs. clearly it's devastating. i think it's terrible that they put so much time and energy into a beautiful place like this and all these people are going to be out of work and it's just, you know, it's bad for the economy and it's terrible for atlantic city in general. >> from atlantic city, i'm karen, fox news. > arson, police say he was even called to fight the same fires he started. next the bizarre reason investigators say he never thought he'd get caught. this takes illegal dumping to a whole new level. how they're fighting back in a very public way. these people just don't care. they look around to see who is watching and they keep walking. now they're fighting back and
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we've got that story. > a family aware a mom and her kids caught shoplifting and then pepper spraying a security guard who tried to stop them. what they were doing with that lingerie after they swapped it. is online dating
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> he volunteered to phut out fires, now a delaware county man is accused of setting them. 19 year old john corcoran is facing a long list of charges, including arson. investigators believe corcoran set fires and then responded with fellow volunteers to put out those very fires.
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fox 29 is live in fail croft tonight with the story. very disturbing. it really is, lucy, investigators say this was a scheme that went on for several months and worse yet, also alemingly involved a juvenile. >> this guy was here several times. he was cutting the grass here. mary glover says she immediately recognized him. they are holding him responsible for two arsons on her block, including this house next door. >> the people who owned the house told him to cut the grass. police say the house was abandon when they drove him through the neighborhood to light the fire back on may 31. >> my house could hive burned down if somebody hadn't called me. police say the same thing happened at the end of the block. in both cases corcoran came in with a goodwill firefighter to
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knock down the flames. >> you think they want to do a good job, so, hey, why not give them a chance, but this is crazy. corcoran charged with arsons and even a third which happened across from his fire hall. fox 29 went to his house for comment, but there was no answer. we did see several fire trucks on the company with the company's logo. meanwhile, mary glover says to the suspects who may have put her home at risk, too. >> would you want somebody to do this to your mother's house to live next door? too damaging, fire is very destructive. >> corcoran behind bars on several arson-related charges, including charges of recklessly endangering another person. by the way, we reached out to the president of the fire company. he was not available for comment. lucy, thank you very much, dave. in vineland police believe they've identified the truck involved in the deadly hit and run, and this is it. investigators are after the driver of this dodge ram, 2500,
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with an extended cab. the model year between 1994 and 1997. they're calling this truck a vehicle of interest in the crash that killed a man sunday night. police say arson man dough lopez died as he was trying to cross five lanes of traffic on landis avenue. he was the father of seven. the pentagon is considering sending more military advisors to iraq. a senior defense official says their role would help to determine future course of action. the pentagon already has 250 military personnel in iraq in advisory roles. a new prime minister o some think he might try to stay in power. some say he contributed to iraq's current crisis. another cease fire is holding strong as talks resume in cairo. they are using the time to hand out food and supplies. demands from both sides have not changed. hamas wants it to break from agreement any time soon. nearly 2,000 people have died.
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the 34th veteran wheelchair games are on. opening day in philadelphia. we are talking big time action and even bigger inspiration. fox 29 bruise gordon has it all. 25 year old maze son sigh mons could hardly contain his energy as he waited for the opening ceremonies could conclude. he was about to participate in quad rugby, otherwise known as motor ball. >> it saved my life. the remarks made from the podium could have been aimed directly at sigh mons. >> it helped veterans not only recover from serious injury, but does result in life changing attitudes and help improve their quality of life. back in 2009, sigh mons who grew up in skew kill county pa was paralyzed on a motor vehicle
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accident. he spent weeks in a coma and months on the mend. he thought his life was all about over. i was depressed. i was extremely he depressed. it picked my spirits up the second i saw other people out there like me. fun rugby helped sigh mons like so many others at these games figure out that disabilities don't end possibilities. i found that athletes up here, it's really remarkable to see these guys not accept their disability sitting down, i guess you could. murder ball combines elements of rugby, basketball and even demolition derby. sigh mons is well suited to this sport. i have long arms, big hands, it works to my advantage. do not let this first day exhibition fool you. wheelchair athletes are as about it as competitive as those two
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feet. last year sigh mons took a silver. this year only gold will do. quad rugby games will be played on friday throughout the convention center. go to to a link to a complete list of sports and admission is free and your inspiration is guaranteed. in the news room, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. > let's get back to scott williams. it is coming down hard. >> it is. south and east of philadelphia, flood keshes as we take a look. you can see highlighted in green, cumberland, salem, gloucester, also northern sections of cape may and atlantic counties, we have flood advisory, but the flash flood warning for cumberland county between millville and down some locations, look at this, five to six inches of rainfall between
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millville as well as moving toward the forth skew area. new nays l county, some locations over four inches. take a look at the half notes. you can see between a quarter of an inch to an inch of philadelphia, but you move north of norristown, a trace of precipitation today, so location was certainly key with today's system. as we look at ultimate doppler right now we have some scattered light showers around philadelphia north and west, but the heavy rain continues in sections of cumberland county, even some thunderstorm activity right now down the shore, so several more inches of rainfall likely. as we move north and west, still dry in the lehigh valley and the poconos, some rain in wees cheer test over to norristown. temperatures in the 70s, mug tie, scattered showers for the first part of the commute tomorrow and then we finally start to turn the corner. coming up next i'll have a look
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at wednesday and the latter part of the week. > thank you. her mother fed up, her son accused of breaking into cars so she decides to teach him a humiliating lesson. >> he's probably going to be mad at me, but i don't care. > how long do you spend looking for your flight. turns out the person next to you may have paid hundreds of less. > you're bedridden every other day, now a local hospital is looking to
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> in phoenix, arizona a woman, her three children and her son-in-law all under arrest accused of operating a theft ring. police say the family would rip off lang ray at stores like this diel aired. this video actually shows them in action. and then the policeman confronts them and they pepper sprayed him. twice they sold for drug. tonight,en embarrassing moment will be pretty tough to live down for one california teen. his mother took to facebook to apologize for what he did and shame him into never, ever do it again. stealing following a string of robberies in california over the weekend. she posted a public apolicy for
10:26 pm
her son's "stupid choice. she received a ton of comments. at the same time i was kind of embarrassed for her than some. >> he's probably going to be mad at me, but i don't care. he's going to hopefully learn his lesson. police have recovered and returned all of the victims' stolen property. known for his comedy, but also remembered for his incredible generosity, decades after robin williams filmed in delaware, his legacy continues. next how he gave a local theatre a second chance. and why your online dating profiles could a
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> dead poet society, one of robin williams' most memorable performances was shot right here in area. today local actors who were in it look back on it in delaware. williams' generosity is keeping his legacy here alive.
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a something something guy gray , fitting for the middletown, delaware, the town put on the map by robin williams. much of the movie filmed in saint andrews school and the effort theater. >> chuck remembers those days well. at 16 he met robin williams while working as an extra on dead poet's society. that's him there in the middle. he made a wonderful impression. he was just a real generous, friendly person. use your imagination. he remembers one long day while filming when rob instance broke out into a stand up routine. when he finishes doing a routine he comes down and talks to everybody and introducing himself and meeting people. it was interesting. outside it bears his name.
10:31 pm
inside, more memories of williams, from the seat he sat in during filming to the the call sheet for the if i am many's production. robin is the effort theater and the effort theater is robin williams. the movie was one of williams first serious rolls and one that helped jump start his career after batting drug addiction. in reverse robin williams' career has kept this theater open for over 100 years. earlier this year the effort celebrated the 25th anniversary of the film. williams couldn't attend, but he did donate autographed meme beal yeah. because of williams' donation, the effort was able to buy a brand new digit projector, coincidently installed just three days before he dead died. every time a movie was shown on that projector, it is the movie
10:32 pm
throb inbrought you. the effort theater is about to put on a mid summer night's dream, if you remember, that was the very play that was the focus of dead poet society, filmed here a quarter century ago. in middletown, delaware, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. our tribute to would robin wills continues on our website. you can check it out at my fox my fox gr it will cost you a whole lot more to visit a pennsylvania liquor store. the finance director wants to increase the markup on liquor and wine. it would be the first jump in two decades. august hey man says the state needs to jack up the prices by 30 to 35 percent to off expense pensions. 35 million people suffer from migraines. tonight our joyce evans delves into the relief and disability benefits for chronic migraine
10:33 pm
sufferers. >> the lights are low. the voices and machine levels kept quite at jefferson's inpatient headache unit at methodist hospital. at least half of the beds here full constantly. >> when i arrived yesterday, it was at an 8. a real banker of a headache on a scale of one to ten. >> i can't see. i feel nauseous. it's just miserable is a good word for it. imagine that for a year and a half, straight, none stop. >> justin with us throbbing pressure. sometimes to the the point where i don't know what i can do. angela pressly's doctor in cookville, tennessee sent the 33 year old mom to philadelphia for detoxing and infusion treatments. >> there's nothing on a scat scan or mri that's broken, but it's like the software is being reprogrammed. >> neurologist put angela on a three medicine intervenous drip
10:34 pm
for four days, a nos relever, a migraine medicine called vhe and the painkiller lidocaine. >> we individualize it for each person. so not everybody gets exactly the same thing. >> i'll do whatever it takes. do i need to be here, yes. do i want to be her no. >> dr. young says two out of three patients leave here headache free, but typically the migraine will come back, just not as intense or as frequent. >> this is a hard problem, a hard medical problem, but we could be doing much better for more people. > if experts had the money, he says, to develop more treatment. >> it's vastly, vastly under funded. >> and stigmatized he says, to the point that the federal government refuses to officially migraine as a disabling disease to be covered under social security and other benefits. >> which is crazy, migraine is
10:35 pm
the most disabling neurologic disease. more people lose hours of days of their life than for stroke and for alzheimer's or parkinson's disease. there's even more that gets his blood boiling about how people view migraine sufferers, freak, fragile, overly dramatic because it's just a headache. >> it's frustrating to hear somebody say that because unless they've actually had a headache like this, they don't me what it's like to deal with it. people with migraine have figured out not to talk about it, to hide it. to lie about it to get treatment and benefits. >> you have to pretend it's another disease, that's how stigmatized it is. >> women migraine patients overwhelmingly out number men. >> we hypothesize that that is one of the reasons that it is so stigmatized. >> dr. young is president of a
10:36 pm
new international group petitions for change. >> he and other advocates are promising thousands of patients like angela that they won't stop fighting for relief. >> no, you just have a bad disease and we just need to put it out there and deal with it. >> i would like to be headache free. i would like to be able to go back to living the life that i was. >> angela went back to tennessee headache free, but her migraine came back. she'll be back in dr. young's headache center soon. and now there's word that social security and disability officials in washington are taking another look at the doctor's petition to make chronic migraine an official disabling condition. >> joyce evans, fox 29 news. > six and seven year old siblings locked outside for hours, forced to knock on neighbor's door for a glass of water. next why police say their mom took the kids outside and then took off. >> think about the deals for a
10:37 pm
flight. why the person next to you may have paid hundreds of dollars less. > and it is the latest craze feeling your facebook feed for a good cause, the ice bucket challenge. >> screaming. and the kennedys also nominate president obama. how the commander in chief
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a new 2014 turbo model. > the wildly varying cost of flyingments a new study confirms what many of us already know finds on any given flight passengers can pay eight times more than that person sitting right next to them. not clear exactly why, when you buy your ticket and whether you use points could factor into it. some people love those dating websites, but could they actually be ruining your love life? british researchers say that some women are now suffering from something they call continuer reel a syndrome.
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that's the ability to actually approach or flirt with people in person because they penned on social sites like continued der. people are no longer putting an effort in meeting people in real life. those skills get rusty, as a result single also are putting their love lives at risk. > a florida mom is arrested accused of locking her kids out of their home. police say they locked her six and 6 year old children outside their home for hours and hours and hours. it happened yesterday in north miami. >> neighbors called police when the children came knocking looking for some food and water. >> the mother left early in the morning to drop off two other kids that she has at daycare, but again at 1:00 in the morning she still had not returned. > no word on what she was doing all that time. police have handed all of her children to the department of
10:42 pm
children and family. next, president obama steps up to the ice bucket challenge. will he take the plunge. homeowners sick of stepping in the mess when dog owners do not clean up. how they are fighting back with a little public shaming.
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> take a look at this amazing video off the coast of south jersey. the coast guard rescuing an 800-pound turtle. a good samaritan noticed the animal tapping led in a net. the coast guard responded and freed the turtle l. this is the ice bucket challenge burning up social media right now all to raise money for a very good cause. thomas jefer university put you under the social media pressure. they also happened to be lieu gear rig's researchers. it's all over facebook people dumping buckets of ice over their heads. challenging others to participate and donate to
10:46 pm
research. a lot of folks are jumping on the band wagon including the kennedy family, including ethyl kennedy who made a challenge of her own. (clapping)) hard to hear. but she nominated president obama who declined mrs. kennedy's challenge, but will make a donation. it has led to a 1,000 percent spike in donations. > one neighborhood in new york city is going to streams to keep its streets clean. they are sick of seeing dog walkers not picking up after their pets so they have decided to record non scoopers and then post their videos on social
10:47 pm
media. this area in the bronx had over 700 calls to 31 # complaining about the problem last year and people live there say they have decided to do whatever it takes to change that. >> people don't care. they look around and see who is not watching and they keep watching walking. >> i clean up after my dog, so i don't have to worry. > since 1978 new york has fined dog walkers 2350 bucks for not picking up what their dogs leave behind. residents are hoping the public shaming will encourage people to clean up their dogs' messes. >> what do you this i about it? >> i think it's a great idea. >> in new york, forget about it. i don't think those people care, you can put them on social media and they don't care. >> i don't know about that. we all do care about this rain coming down. >> yes. > just a hot and heavy and just amazing right now.
10:48 pm
>> very humid as well, lose situate. >> right now the humidity 87 percent. temperatures in philadelphia, low 70s. still some light rainfall, but streets are definitely wet. if you encounter flooded roadways, turnaround, find an alternate direction to head in. as we take a look at flood concerns primarily in south jersey you can see highlighted in green, and millville, some locations there half a foot of rainfall, flays flood warnings until 26789. 30 in the morning. we have flash flood warnings for sections of atlantic county. also sections of cumberland county until 2678. 30:00 a.m. as well. take a look at some of the impresstive rainfall totals. almost six inches or more in sections of cumberland county. you can see between millville down toward the forth skew area watching out for some flood concerns around route 47. you can seniority and west of
10:49 pm
philadelphia we haven't seen a whole lot of rainfall out of the system. primarily south and east. that's where the heavy rain has been and that's where it continues as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see around million videotape moving toward the hammonton area. also some thunderstorm activity, but thankfully nothing is severe. north and west of philadelphia still pretty quiet, but you can see some of the flood reports in new castle county and also around the mill industry area. highway 47 watching out for some flood concerns there with all of the heavy rainfall. by midnight still looking at scattered showers across the area. by 4:00 a.m. when you're watching the fox 29 news, some leftover showers, but we finally start to dry out as we move toward midday and then things looking much improved by the afternoon. 79-degrees was the high temperature today, the normal 86 degrees. well below that. temperatures cool right now,
10:50 pm
upper 60s, low 70s. watch out for ponding on the roadways and early tomorrow morning and then tomorrow's forecast scattered showers early followed by clearing. you can put the umbrellas away by tomorrow midway. as we clear things out you can see those temperatures staying below average, low 830s as we move into thursday, upper 70s as we move into your friday and right now the weekend looks pretty good. temperatures moderate a bit second half of the weekend into early next week. there could be more scattered showers by tuesday of next week. it's a mess out there. just take it easy. especially in atlantic county, cumberland county. > we got a lot going on tonight, turning up then incorporates and putting on the helmets and riding most unique vehicles you may have ever seen. >> the eagles and patriots working together.
10:51 pm
now nick foles can benefit from a couple of days with tom brady i'm hot on the chase in eveshamship where police have an a new addition to their force, body cameras. it's all coming up on the next chasing new jersey. it's all coming up on the next chasing new jersey. watch ch hiiiii. hi. sorry, we're closed. what? i need help with my deposit. the bank has rules.
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> how about 25,000 fans as the eagles and the new england patriots play. coaches stressed this is still training camp just a new home. they are still evaluating players and installing their system, but the value of doing that against somebody else for a couple of days, twice. >> it's fun to be out there. we've been going against our defense which we've been doing every day, but it's a nice switch for our defense. practice is structured a little bit different limit we have the opportunity to watch our offense. >> watching a guy like tom brady work can be in l valuable. any time you watch a great player, especially one in your position, you can see nothing
10:55 pm
specific, how he functions, how he operates. you know, tom obviously has a great level of profession list many and i i'm sure nick can learn from that. phyllis two with the angles and thee in. just so we're clear roam. looks like a double play, right. >> angles got a run, right, wrong. eyeball it, ruled out. we are scoreless, thirtd inning and i know that that's right. how about the hottest team in baseball, can as sit situate royals. playing oakland tonight. brandon moss, watch this, try to score two guys at once. if you can't get the first guy, at least get the second guy. >> that's all about kansas city did right so far tonight. they trail. spinning the globe to cover
10:56 pm
everything for the world of sports. tonight our final stop is the united kingdom. you put on your hell mts. you got to make tse final tuneups. you've got to get the engine revved up perfectly for minutes. they do this for 12 hours. they have pit crews set up to time this thing out. watch this, it gets a little dangerous. you got to take the hey and move on. have lights on these things. you start with the full thing of grass and by the time you're done you're down to dirt. look at this guy. that's great. i love it. i need people cheering me when i i mow my lawn.
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>> he's not kidding
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distribution] >> today on "tmz," obvious horrible news. robin williams committed
11:00 pm
suicide. of all the people we've covered on tmz who have died, more people were interested in this story than any other including michael jackson's death. >> i feel like people had a connection to him. >> all his characters were loveable. "patch adams," the good morning vietnam guy. >> he was great in that. >> good morning vietnam. >> good movie. >> sheryl underwood. we asked her about "the view" and we say, who do you think would be the best new addition? >> i love new edition! >> joseph was there. the


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